Watch a Hydraulic Press Smash a Gigantic Jawbreaker Into Pieces


I thought we'd reached peak shit-crushing when YouTube's Hydraulic Press Channel crushed a hydraulic press with a hydraulic press. But alas, when it comes to shit getting crushed, the limit does not exist. 

In a video that's already raked in over 1 million views as of Monday afternoon, an "outrageously humungous" Mega Bruiser jawbreaker is pulverized beneath the hydraulic press almost instantly. 

To be honest, it's... underwhelming. 


Crushing the remaining half of the jawbreaker is a bit more satisfying, resulting in snack-sized Jawbreaker bites. 


In a far more satisfying twist, the jawbreaker is microwaved before it's crushed beneath the hydraulic press. Yes — this is the slow, juicy destruction we were looking for.


Want to recreate the magic at home? If you don't have access to a hydraulic press, you can always impale a jawbreaker with a red hot nickel ball.