Men on the Internet Are Saying "Actually—" to Equal Pay Day for Women


April 12 is Equal Pay Day, the day of the year when advocates raise awareness of the wage gap that exists between male and female workers in the United States. The day specifically commemorates how far into the next year a woman in the U.S. needs to work to earn the equivalent of a man's salary for the previous year — in our case, an extra four months and 12 days.    

According to White House statistics, women can only expect to make roughly 79% of what a man will — or 79 cents for every dollar. The figures become even more dire when looking at black or Latina women who earn just 64 and 56 cents respectively for every dollar earned by a white man. 

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That means for for black women, Equal Pay Day falls months later, on Aug. 23, while for Latinas it's Nov. 1, USA Today reported. 

America's working mothers also suffer a penalty just for being a women who expect equal pay for equal work.

"For moms, Equal Pay Day is June 4," Lisa Maatz, vice president of government relations at the American Association of University Women, told the paper. "There absolutely is a motherhood penalty when it comes to the pay gap." 


The day inspires no shortage of controversy online from those who don't believe such a gap exists. And while some point to "differences in the life choices of men and women" to provide context the gender wage gap, the case is an open-and-shut one for men's rights activists and their allies.

We'll let them "actually—" for themselves: