Samantha Bee Shows How Strict the NRA’s Rules Are — For Everything but Guns


The NRA seems like an easy target for a late night host, but that didn't stop Samantha Bee from demonstrating just how absurd and hypocritical their regulations are. On Monday's Full Frontal, Bee went to great lengths to try and acquire a costume for the organization's mascot, Eddie Eagle. The NRA uses the bird to teach kids the importance of gun safety, and apparently, his costume is harder to retrieve than an actual firearm. 

"It turned out the organization that makes it easier to get a gun than Sudafed, makes it nearly impossible to acquire their giant dancing eagle," Bee said. 

As the host discovered at the beginning of her quest, there are several hoops to jump through to acquire an Eddie Eagle costume. For starters, there is a 20-day waiting period for costume applications, and you won't have any luck online, as the NRA bans the resale of the costume as well. Pretty strict stuff, all the more farcical when it's much easier to purchase a gun. 

"But you know what I could still buy online without a big hassle?" Bee posited. "A used shotgun on from a random guy down the road from the TBS headquarters in Atlanta. So I had one of my employees buy it from him in a parking lot without a background check from the trunk of his car." 


Incredibly, Bee's lengthy process to get a costume ended in failure, even after she tried to bribe an in-costume Eddie to get the garb for $3,000 in cash. However, she was able to purchase several guns in the process, and decided to create her own mascot, using the guns as raw materials. 


It's certainly more frightening than the original mascot, but then again, it's more terrifying to know how easy it was to purchase guns at conventions, stores and even a parking lot. 

Check out the full segment below:

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