Pakistani YouTuber Taher Shah's Music Video Is So Bizarre… So, So, So, So, So Bizarre


Every once in a while something truly remarkable happens, which makes the world is stop in its track: A stunning lunar eclipse, Obama and Trudeau's bromance, pizza rat. And now Taher Shah. The Pakistani businessman and YouTube sensation just released his latest music video. And there are no words for it. 

But we're going to try anyway.

His music video "Angel" was posted Friday and has already garnered over a million views. #TaherShah was the top trending hashtag over the weekend in India and Pakistan, and became the No. 3 most popular subject across the world

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We see Shah roaming, swaying, dancing across what appears to be a golf course in bright emerald and purple robes, with long hair, a tiara (???), angel wings (when the feeling strikes) and a brief — but powerful — cameo from a wand. It is, of course, replete with slow-mo shots and a smoke machine. 


A woman, who appears to be his wife, and a boy, identified as his toddler son — who dons a similar robe, wears a blond wig, lipstick and nail polish — join the businessman toward the end of the video.

Shah croons in English about how he is an angel and how — good news — we can all be like angels. 

Read it and weep. Literally weep.

We can all be Angels, a human like an Angel shines as a star. The Angel's character speaks like a flower. The stars are decorated by Angels, like dew fills petals of a flower. All Angels remain quite like those flowers, that persist silent but spreads their essence and always reside jovial.


Twinkle Khannaa, an Indian and former-Bollywood actress quipped on Twitter: "Pakistan doesn't need nuclear weapons, they can just drop this purple bomb on us #TaherShah."

"Nooooo. You're writing on him?" Taimoor Salahuddin, a popular Karachi-based Pakistani musician, asked this writer. "Well, he's something that people use to feel good about themselves. All the bullies come out, press the 'dislike' button on YouTube, they really enjoy it. I mean, look at the likes versus the dislikes, the ratio on his page. Everybody loves to share it."

"And then that fucking poetry he does in English — I mean, if you want to call it poetry — seems like he wrote it in Urdu and just pressed the Google translate button and then read it out loud," the musician, popularly known as Mooroo, added. "I have no sophisticated opinion about it. But, yeah, it's quite a phenomenon."


It has to be seen to be believed. But even then, you may not believe it: