Remove Pomegranate Seeds Like a Professional with This Method — It Involves Spanking

ByKevin Xu

Pomegranates are as delicious as they are difficult to eat. Pomegranates are actually berries (!) and those tasty red seeds hidden inside the rind have been found to be very good for you. The fruit contains antioxidants, fiber, tannins (also found in abundance in red wine), along with vitamins C, K, E and B6. This means that pomegranates may contribute to anti-inflammation, which lowers the risk of cancer, promote heart health and slow down the aging process.

It doesn't change the fact that pomegranates are still a pain in the ass to eat. But thanks to Tami Allen on YouTube, you're in luck. If you have a paring knife and a wooden spoon you can cut and beat up that pomegranate like it owes you money (or in this case, sweet, sweet seeds), and in two minutes you'll have a bowl full of pomegranate seeds you can eat to help you on your inhuman quest to live forever (probably not).

To start, you'll want to lay the pomegranate on a cutting board with the calyx (the weird crown-like structure) pointing to the left or right of you. Cut into the pomegranate rind with a paring knife and score it around the equator, making sure not to cut into the seeds. 

Then, pull the two halves of the pomegranate apart. You'll see chambers of seeds divided by white membranes. Loosen up the membranes from the seeds gently by taking one-half of the pomegranate in two hands and stretching out the rind in opposite sides.

Now for the fun part. Hold a pomegranate half with the seed-side down over a large bowl, then take out your anger on the pomegranate with a wooden spoon. Beat it repeatedly until it tells you where the other drugs are going relinquishes those tasty morsels. Then repeat for the other side. 

You've de-stressed and you can kick back with a bowl of pomegranate seeds. Congratulations. 

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