Sea Diver Captures Very Chill, Very "Godzilla-Like" Sea Iguana on Video


Tired of wreaking havoc in Japan, Godzilla has apparently set off for another storied place: the Galapagos Islands.

Steve Winkworth captured footage of a marine iguana foraging for food in Cabo Marshall, a coastal area in the north west region of the archipelago.

Wikimedia Commons

But lest its razor-sharp teeth and claws freak you out, know this: The marine iguana, being an herbivore, uses its teeth to feed primarily on sea algae and seaweed, and its claws to latch onto rocks and withstand the water currents as it feeds.


According to National Geographic, the marine iguana is a reclusive species but is vulnerable to extinction due to "non-native predators like rats, feral cats, and dogs, who feed on their eggs and young."

But Redditors dubbing the aquatic lizard as a "tiny Godzilla" is apt; the marine iguana can grow to the size of a human. Fortunately, marine iguanas are pretty chill.


Watch Winkworth's footage below:

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h/t CNN