NASA Publicly Smacked Down Climate Change Deniers on Bill Nye's Facebook Page


Bill Nye, the supreme avatar of bow-tied science wisdom, was at it again on Monday, posting a widely shared link of a challenge he made to climate skeptic Marc Morano that he would bet $20,000 that the planet would keep warming. Morano didn't take the wager. 

When climate deniers tried to troll Nye in the post's public comments section, they were delivered a stinging clapback not from Nye but NASA.

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Take a look.


While the existence of man-made global climate change is one of the most settled areas of modern science, the issue continues to be the source of major debate for large swaths of the American population. Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, for example, has referred to "global warming" as a plot invented by the Chinese to hurt U.S. exports. 

Prominent elected officials have also mocked climate change, with Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe seeking to disprove it once and for all by throwing snowballs on the Senate floor.  

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