Black TMZ Staffer Schools White Co-Workers Over the Weeknd’s Hair


A note to fellow white people: Sometimes, we're just stupid. A depressingly great example of this was when TMZ's television platform had one of their reporters track down the Weeknd. In this brief moment, the reporter had posed this question for the artist: "What's your hair care regime?" The Weeknd responded, "I'm black." 

Pressing him on the subject, he follows up with how often he washes his hair, and again he has a swift response: "Every day." 

As a result, TMZ's nearly all-white newsroom was left bewildered. "That can't be possible," one says. "I thought it's dreads though, you can't wash dreads every day," another staffer shouts. Thankfully, there was one voice of reason within the room — a black staffer who was tired of these ignorant, short-sighted comments. 

"Shut up stupid white people," he says. "You wash your dreads every day because it already locks, and you can wash it as much as you want to."

"Why am I a stupid white person if I just don't know this?" TMZ founder Harvey Levin posits. 

"Because you think people with dreads don't wash their hair — they wash their hair all the time," the staffer replies. Thus, Levin goes on the defensive. "I didn't know!"

Why? You already know the answer. "Because... you're stupid white people." 

Check out the clip from TMZ TV below. 

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