Trevor Noah Takes Down Donald Trump's Failed Health Products, Which Involved Urine Samples


Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has made some bold claims with his potential presidential policies — notably, to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States and to build a wall at the Mexican border. With these controversial and headline-grabbing policies, though, his stance on health care has been mostly swept under the rug. Trump has made it clear he wants to repeal Obamacare, like other GOP candidates, but just how qualified is he on the matter? 

According to Trevor Noah, not at all based on his past failures. On Wednesday, the Daily Show host dug into Trump's previous health supplement venture, the Trump Network, for a simple reason. "We can look at the Trump Network for an example of how Donald Trump runs a health care system," Noah posits. 

The result of the venture, however, was oddly personal. The flagship product for the Trump Network was PrivaTest, a urine test that would measure hormone levels found in urine and was tied to an individually customized nutrition program.

"This is the same guy who thought it was disgusting to even think of Hillary [Clinton] going to the bathroom," the host says. "This is the same guy. But I guess now it turns out that he was just upset that she was wasting it. ... I don't understand; why would Donald Trump want everyone's pee? Maybe it's human pee that gives his hair that perfect ammonia shine." 

Unsurprisingly, as Noah points out, the Trump Network flopped in less than three years, even though the real estate mogul labeled it as "recession-proof." However, Trump's business still collected a lot of urine in the process, and Noah thinks he knows where it went — as he cuts to several clips of Trump being interviewed with the backdrop of fountains flowing smoothly. 

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"Republicans, it looks like for the second time in a row you're nominating Goldwater," Noah says. "At least we now know where all the pee went, because we always knew where the shit was all along." 

Check out the segment from Wednesday's episode here

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