Darth Vader’s Suit Would Cost $18.3 Million in Real Life

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic villains of all time, and a staple Halloween costume for passionate Star Wars fans. However, the most ardent Star Wars fanatics have been known to create replicas of George Lucas' expansive universe — such as this badass who built a life-sized AT-ST Walker in their backyard. 

A realistic Darth Vader suit, though, would be an expensive endeavor. Well, unless you have a cool $18.3 million lying around. The folks at Shade Station compiled the cost of Vader's suit, the majority of which goes to the $12 million base suit, as it would need to have NASA-like properties for the villain to withstand long-term exposure in space.  

The cheapest component of the suit would be the voice synthesizer at a mere $1,000 (perhaps cheaper because James Earl Jones and his epic voice aren't underneath it). You can check out the rest of the detailed Vader suit costs below. 

Source: Shade Station

In retrospect, maybe Anakin should've realized Obi-Wan had the high ground, and avoided a horribly timed jump that lead to his disfigured state. It would've saved the Empire a ton of money that could've instead been invested in training Stormtroopers to actually hit something with their blasters

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