Adam Lambert Says the Music Industry Still Wary of Men Who Sing Love Songs About Men


Yes, homophobia is still a really bad thing in the United States at large, but there's one place in particular Adam Lambert wants you to know about: the music industry. 

According to an interview with Lambert in Digital Spy, the main reason you don't hear as many male pronouns in songs from gay pop stars is because executives are a tad squeamish when it comes to singing about man-on-man action. 


According to Lambert, some of these industry "gatekeepers" still need some convincing. 

"They need to see that it actually works in order for them to feel comfortable with it," he said. "The audiences are there for it, but the industry needs to come around a bit more to it. They are, but it's the last piece."


But, Lambert hopes the tide is turning. 

With the advent of streaming, he said, "There's more power put back into the artist's and audience's hands," which could lead to some truly gay lyrics very soon. 

In the meantime, there is still a treasure trove of openly sexual lesbian lyrics to listen to.