These Are Our Biggest Dating Dealbreakers – And They're Absolutely Ridiculous


In the nightmare demon hellscape that is the world of casual dating, sometimes a potential partner will reveal something about themselves that just makes you think, "You know what? No." These are called dealbreakers, and they are very important.


While dealbreakers obviously vary from person to person, a fresh batch of research is here to rank the most common dealbreakers for both short- and long-term relationships. The results are interesting, in that they indicate that the 92 college students surveyed for this study clearly have their priorities all fucked up.

Here are the Top 10 dealbreakers for short-term relationships:

1. Has health issues such as STDs

Ah. So these subjects would rather date someone who's already married or in a relationship than deal with a smelly person. Interesting. They'd also rather bang a racist than hook up with someone who's unattractive. Is he abusive? That could be fine, as long as he has good hygiene. And it seems they'll hook up with literally anyone who doesn't have an STI. This is a very fun game!

It's worth noting that once things get serious, the study's Top 10 long-term relationship dealbreakers change. "Has anger issues or is abusive" is the No. 1 dealbreaker, while "is unattractive" doesn't even make the list (presumably because ugly people already been ruled out anyway during the short-term dating process). The STI thing is still a big deal to people at No. 5, but it's outranked by things like "has multiple partners" and "is untrustworthy."

So anyway: Did you know that an estimated 110 million Americans have STIs at any given time? Shh. Don't tell these 92 college kids that!

Check out the full text of the study here.

h/t Glamour