11 Reasons Why Women Will Vote for Mitt Romney: An Open Letter to Madeleine Albright


Dear Ms. Albright,

This week, with the atrocities in Libya on the anniversary of September 11, GoDaddy service issues, and the abhorrent Chris Brown getting undue media exposure for wearing his self-proclaimed medal for abuse around his neck, I feel that the women's vote appropriately isn't top of the news. But I am still reeling from your convention speech, in which you commented, "I can't understand why any woman would want to vote for Mitt Romney." 

Big news aside, this must be addressed.

Contrary to your views, I believe that women have a host of reasons for voting for Mitt Romney and I would like to share them with you. While we are of opposing parties, and you have more notable achievements, we share a gender, and I am sure you join me in caring about the future of our country.

First of all, I want eliminate from this discussion the below-the-waist issues we constantly had thrown at us during your convention last week, and in your remarks. With no offense intended toward Nathaniel Hawthorne, your party deserves the scarlet letter "A" (and you may feel free to color it blue.) I was offended by the constant reference to "choice" at your convention, and by the assumption that any woman would be so narrow-minded as to make that issue the basis of her "choice" of a candidate to run our country.

Here are 11 reasons why women will vote for Mitt Romney.

1. Romney would have handled Egypt better than President Obama. He appreciates American allies and knows how to hold on to them and react quickly when necessary.

3. Romney doesn't waste money. Women care about money being wasted. We know how to live within our means. Many of us are the family breadwinners and the budget police. We have been making sacrifices during these lean years, but we do not see Washington making them.

4. Ask any woman, "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" and the answer is we're not. Unfortunately. As pollster Kellyanne Conway puts it, "Add to it 'Four more years of what?' and stir."

5. Romney exudes leadership and knows how to build a strong team of experts. Presidents can't be the experts, they must lead. It is not a personality contest.

6. Romney will focus on jobs and economic growth, issues that are of importance to all Americans, rather than attempt to win votes from single-issue women who don't concern themselves with the economy the future of our country. In fact, Romney knows and behaves as if he believes women are an important part of the big decisions facing our country.

7. Romney is honest and exudes integrity. He is not backed by the unions. There is good reason to distrust them and those they support and to acknowledge that union greed has contributed to the economic distress (mainly pensions) in cities and states nationwide.

8. Romney is a leader, and he will get results. Failed experiments like Solyndra and billions for bailouts and stimulus that have added to the $16 trillion national debt are not good results. 

9. Romney is real. He focuses on getting the job done rather than putting on a show to make people feel good.

10. Romney doesn't consider women "issues." We are a part of all issues. Thank you. As citizens, we care about the real issues just as much as men do.

11. Romney gives back. We like to support charities, and a candidate who contributes 16.4 % of his income to charity has a big heart and a good soul.

I hope you are better off now than you were four years ago. Many of us are not. I don't see any reason to vote for "four more years" of what we have already seen.