This App-Controlled Transformable Smart Sofa Will Make Your Lounge Game Strong


You can use a smartphone to order food, check your bank account, find a date and now custom-build an ever-changing sofa. Touted as "the world's first digitally-transformable sofa," the Lift-Bit couch is a series of individual cushioned hexagons that each have a motor and sensors, which allows them to move up and down by response to the app or a hand, according to Wired

"You can put together two of them, or five or 10 or 20, and you create this flexible piece of furniture that can adapt to your needs," designer Carlo Ratti of Carlo Ratti Associati told Wired

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Max Tomasinelli/Lift-Bit

Although this may be a dream come true for couch potatoes, Ratti actually designed the Lift-Bit with the bigger idea of how the natural relationship between people and sensors can change the way environments run, such as traffic lights. 

If you're studying, the Lift-Bit can allow you to sit upright with a flat surface for your laptop, or if you're having a party, it can remove seats to the edge of the room so people have space to get their groove on. And if Netflix and chilling is the MO, it can create a comfy recliner. 

"Our life, by definition, is changing all the time," he said. "We want different positions, but architecture is static."

The couch is currently being shown at Milan's art museum La Triennale. A single stool can also be pre-ordered in four different colors for $900, because that's the price of a strong lounge game. 

Carlo Ratti Associati /YouTube