This Grandma Flipping the F*ck Out in a Driverless Tesla Is All of Us


People love watching old people try new technology almost as much as they like watching shit get crushed.

A video of an early-adopter grandma in a Tesla Model S on autopilot is going viral — not because we're all fired up about the new car feature, but because granny is terrified. As we all would be.

"Oh my god, well this is so scary," she says. 

Humans are statistically nervous AF about the driverless future. 

Based on a survey by AAA, 75 percent of drivers said "they would be afraid to be driven in an autonomous vehicle," CNBC reported.

"This is my first day out and I'm going to die." 


Actually, you are less likely to die behind the wheel of a driverless car than if a human is behind the wheel. Of the 19 minor accidents Google's driverless cars have been in, in only one of those instances was it the car's fault, according to Tech Insider.

"Oh dear Jesus, I could never." 

But you are, and you better face your fears. With companies like Tesla, Google, GM, Ford, Toyota and even Uber exploring a future of autonomous vehicles, a road full of driverless cars is not a pipe dream; it's a fast approaching reality — like, Tesla "Ludicrous Mode" fast. Juniper Research predicts 20 million self-driving cars will be on the road by 2025. 

"Oh my god, Bill." 

And by "god," I think you mean Elon