Turns Out Men Fake Their Orgasms Just As Much, If Not More, Than Women


Men fake orgasms too; one recent study suggests they may even be pretending just as often, if not more, than their female counterparts. In fact, it turns out faking it isn't unusual for men at all — it's a common habit for guys in relationships. 

Scientists at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal surveyed 320 men between the ages of 18 and 29, all of who said they had faked an orgasm at least once during their current relationship. 

On average, the participants said they fake orgasms in "approximately one-fourth of sexual encounters ... most commonly during vaginal sex." Although more rare, a few guys reported occasionally feigning orgasm during oral sex, anal sex and hand jobs too.


Plenty of similar studies support the idea that both genders fake it on a regular basis. A 2010 study at the University of Kansas showed 25% of surveyed men had faked an orgasm at least once. Both of the above mentioned studies show men are faking it for the same reason women do: for their partners' sake or because they are tired and not really interested in sex at the moment. 

"We were drunk, I realized a few seconds in that I wasn't into it," an anonymous 28-year-old told Mic about his fake orgasm via an online Google survey, where we polled male readers about if and how they fake their orgasm. "Didn't want to hurt her feelings by just stopping and being like 'actually never mind.'" 

Several Google respondents said that condoms helped them fake it convincingly. "Condoms make it much easier," a 22-year-old respondent wrote. "Didn't feel guilty, just wanted it done with." 

Curiously, only a handful of those polled actually convinced their partner with their fake orgasm. Which raises the question: If everybody fakes it sometimes, why not just be honest? There's still a long way to go before social expectations match the scientific reality of our sex lives.  

h/t Cosmopolitan