Here's the Correct Way to Use Hand Sanitizer, According to Science


Scientists have figured out the most effective technique to cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer by having 120 participants test out two methods with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer: a three-step system by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and a six-step system by the World Health Organization, according to Refinery29

Those who used the six-step method came out with less bacteria — but it also took them 43 seconds instead of 35 seconds for the CDC method.

The method goes as follows: first rub your palms together. Then interlace your fingers with one hand over the back of the other, to get in-between fingers. Do it for the other hand. Then interlace your fingers palm-to-palm. Then bend your fingers and hook them together so one hand's fingers are curled up in the other palm. Then use one hand to rub around the opposing hand's thumb. Do it for the other hand too. Lastly, rub your fingers into the palm of the other hand, and reverse.

The World Health Organization's method should take as long as singing "Happy Birthday" two times. 

World Health Organization
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