This Website Turns Your Face Into a Song


A Japanese beauty brand has finally come up with a truly great use of facial analysis technology: song writing. 

Makeup company IPSA released a project that will analyze a picture of your face and generate an individual song based on your facial expression, the color of your skin, the balance of your features and the level of light in the photo, according to the site. Rest assured, these elements are important to determining the nature of your song.

When your song is ready, the software plays the tune over a terrifying graphic display of your face exploding. 


IPSA is far from the first company use facial analysis as a marketing ploy. In the past, Microsoft has offered to identify your age and your dog's breed to show off its machine-learning capabilities.

Upon release these tools are usually imprecise. Case in point, Microsoft thinks I'm 7 years old and an English cocker spaniel.

What Dog

In IPSA's case, the fun, shareable "face melody" is not in pursuit of building stronger algorithms or even showcasing them — it just wants you to buy some foundation.