Here Are 8 Wine Slushie Recipes to Enjoy All Summer Long


Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner, so why not take a break from the hot, hot sun and cool down with a wine slushie?

Other frozen drinks, such as piña coladas, daiquiris and mudslides, are often scarily high in calories and from artificial mixers, according to Gizmodo.

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But to make these frozen fruity concoctions, all you need is a blender, some ice, wine, fruit and good taste. You can also freeze and defrost these babies in batches.

As the song goes, it's "summertime and the living's easy." With wine slushies, it truly is. Below are eight wine slushie recipes to enjoy all summer long — and maybe into winter.

1. Pinot grigio 

Frozen peaches and pineapples plus pinot grigio make for a light and refreshing summertime drink. Find the recipe here

2. Red wine slushie

Cabernet sauvignon, some lemon juice and sugar make for this beautifully colored slushie. This recipe also uses no blender.

3. Tropical wine slushie

What does combining one bottle of sauvignon blanc with peach schnapps, mango chunks and pineapple give you? Happiness, and this tropical wine slushie. Find the recipe here

4. Mojito wine slushie

Combine two great alcoholic beverages, white wine and mojitos, by adding lime, mint and evaporated cane sugar with some white wine. Find the recipe here

5. Tripe berry wine slush

Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries give this red wine slushie a deep red, but adding some ginger ale gives it a little fizz. Find the recipe here

6. Tarantas wine slushie with melon, Pimm's and crystallized ginger

For a slushie with a kick, add crystallized ginger and some Pimm's into this wine slushie. Find the recipe here

7. Peach moscato wine slushies

What sounds more summery than peaches and moscato? Frozen peaches and moscato. Find the recipe here

8. Sweet peach and mint wine slushies 

Mint, nectarines and peaches plus some red wine make for potentially the best dinner party beverage of the season. Find the recipe here