This Artist Makes Realistic, Grotesque Cakes Grossing Out the Internet — And, Frankly, Us


"There are no circumstances under which I'd eat another guy's nasty, pimply butt."

That's what one person said in a Facebook comment about Katherine Dey's cakes, which have recently gone viral for their grotesque, even NSFW, nature.

A registered nurse and former Rhode Island School of Design student, Dey spoke to Vice about her darkly delicious confections.

Take, for example, this one of a head modeled after — yes — her husband, that is complete with a pink Rice Krispy center:

Katherine Dey/ABC Television Stations/YouTube

There's also your standard "dead possum" treat:

Katherine Dey/ABC Television Stations/YouTube

And this festive number:

Katherine Dey/ABC Television Stations/YouTube

Dey's other masterworks include a butt with a thermometer sticking out of it and a sleeping infant that has to be cut up to be eaten — but we trust you'll find those yourself.

While you may have lost your appetite, Dey told BuzzFeed that "no matter how disgusted some people may be, in the end no one has refused to eat the cake."

On her Facebook, some people are so enamored they request tutorials. While some praise Dey's knack for realism, plenty have trouble, er, digesting the imagery.

"Crazy talent!" one Facebook user wrote. "And a nurse. You might be my new hero."

"Gruesome! Don't ever want one," added another.

"That would put most people off eating the cake," a third wrote. "Thanks but no thanks!" 

Currently Dey only offers her masterpieces to her inner circle, but she told Vice she would consider starting a business.

Dieters rejoice: You're about to lose your sweet tooth once and for all.

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