13 Bizarre Snack Foods From Around the World


There are plenty of unusual snack foods out there for you self-proclaimed adventurous eaters to try, but here are a few that may not already be on your bucket list. From scorpion pizza to blood chocolate, here are some foods you might never have heard of.

1. An ant popsicle.

2. An egg tart: It looks like a watermelon, but it tastes like strawberry.

3. Scorpion pizza. 'Nuff said.

4. Russian blood chocolate. Does it actually have blood in it? Does it matter?

5. Boiled bugs.

6. Spotted dick is a food in England. It is gross in name only. 

7. Fried chrysalis.

8. Apparently this is what Australia tastes like:

9. A lollypop with a worm in it? Also from Australia.

10. Do these chips taste like honey and butter, or something completely different?

11. Somewhere in the world, there are hot dog Pringles.

12. Sake flavored KitKats exist in Japan.

13. So does the chocolate-covered McFry Potato.