Forget the Weed Wedding — Pot Proposals Are Totally a Thing

How do you propose to a stoner? On 420, of course.

Happy stoner couples aren't just tying the knot with weed weddings — ceremonies that swap out open bars for cannabis buffets. Potposals (or weed-centric marriage proposals) are another way for marijuana lovers to express their love through the magic of the green. 

Whether stashing the ring in succulent buds or opting to slip it around a blunt instead of in a jewelry box, people have apparently found several creative ways to pop the question with marijuana.

While the potposal sounds like a joke, it's evidently something that people actually do. In 2011, for instance, online weed community GrassCity user VisineRocks described trying to slip an engagement ring over the top of a marijuana plant while its buds were still forming, encouraging the small green buds to curl together around the ring. 

The following year, another online stoner hub called THCtalk was buzzing with congratulatory messages when user KillaFaz whisked his girlfriend away to Amsterdam and proposed to her between smoke sessions with some special Super Lemon Haze. She said yes, of course. And they toked happily ever after. 

Congratulations to all the happy couples celebrating love this 420.