7 Budgeting Tools and Apps to Help You Manage Your Money

Having money is great, but figuring out how to spend it — and keep track of it — can feel overwhelming. Luckily there are a ton off apps and tools to help manage your money so you know how much you're spending and on what. Here are 7 handy tools you can download and carry around in your pocket — right next to your wallet.


Source: Mint

Mint is designed to help you keep tabs on your spending across multiple cards and accounts. You can even keep track of your credit score.


Source: Splitwise

Splitwise is designed to help groups of people easily track and divide up shared expenses. It's great for roommates or for people who are traveling together.


Source: Venmo

Venmo is a staple app for tons of millennials. It lets you connect to your bank account and send friends money (or charge them) through your phone. Also, you get to use fun emojis to describe the payments.

Credit Karma

Source: Credit Karma

Keeping track of your credit score doesn't have to be scary and confusing — this app sends regular updates about your credit along with tips for raising your score up.

Barcode Scanner

Source: Barcode Scanner

This app turns your phone into a barcode scanner and lets you compare prices for products you're thinking of buying.


Source: Goodbudget

Goodbudget divides your spending into different categories to help you analyze and track how much money you're spending in different areas.

Spending Tracker

Source: Spending Tracker

This app lets you plan out your spending for the month and then track it to see if you're meeting your goals.