10 Photos of Teapots and Cups That’ll Make You Go Mad As a Hatter


If you're like the many Americans who have embraced tea culture, then you understand how important a good cup of tea is. Similarly, your devotion to the beverage means you aren't just going to settle for an average vessel for your tea. No, you want your tea to reflect your personality and perhaps your interests — even if it makes you seem mad as a hatter. 

In honor of National Tea Day in Britain, here's 10 photos of some of the most creative teapots out there. (But hey, we aren't judging; what you have at home is probably pretty cool, too.)

1. This awesome relic that looks like it was frozen in time

2. This Chinese pot that embraces some positive Feng Shui

3. Some next-level arts and crafts making

4. This pot that lets you see some green tea brewing in action

5. The Force is strong with this one

6. I mean, if winter really is coming, you should have some warm tea on hand 

7. Don't worry, Doctor Who fans get some love as well with this Tardis teacup 

8. Nein, Nein, Nein — this is a horrible idea 

9. The best kind of Potter 

10. Lastly, one for the coffee enthusiasts