First Customer Complaint Ever Is Almost 4,000 Years Old and Has an Incredible Story



It's something this author has at least once a day toward something or someone.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the feeling is just about as old as humanity: Images of the Complaint tablet to Ea-nasir — the oldest known written complaint ever recorded — are once again making the rounds online

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British Museum

The tablet from ancient Mesopotamia detailed a grievance from someone called Nanni to another individual known as Ea-nasir about substandard copper that was delivered after a long voyage and additional complaints about shipping and delays. The tablet, dated from roughly 1750 B.C. is inscribed in ancient cuneiform, a pictographic form of writing likely developed by the ancient Sumerians, and currently housed in the British Museum

In full the letter reads:

Tell Ea-nasir: Nanni sends the following message:

In short, Ea-nasir's copper and customer service just wasn't up to snuff. Life's tough — get a helmet