Ron Paul on Jay Leno: Top 8 Quotes from His Appearance on The Tonight Show


On Tuesday, Ron Paul appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. This was Paul’s second appearance on the show since last December. Paul's cameo came on the heels of the revelation that Paul would not endorse Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson for president. While there was hope that Paul would officially endorse a candidate while on Leno, the good doctor quickly squashed that rumor

Leno for his part, welcomed Paul onto the program in his opening monologue saying, “Unlike the Republicans we’re actually going to let him speak.” And speak he did. 

Here are the top eight quotes from Paul's appearance on The Tonight Show.

1. "It was nice ... it was very pleasant and all but it wouldn't have been the speech that I would have given." -- Paul on Romney's RNC speech.

2. "I have a polticial theory that says the peace candidate always wins ... The American people, no matter what they say on the surface, I think deep down in our hearts realize that we don't need war, we don't need more war, and you don't have as much prosperity when you have a war."

3. "I've been booed because I want to bring the troops home ... my slogan was 'we just marched in, we can just march out.'" 

4. "I have to take a rest and prepare for 2016 ... just kidding." -- Paul on running as a third party candidate

5. "The system is very biased; we talk a lot about democracy, we send our troops over seas, we want to spread democracy, but democracy isn't all that healthy in this country because if you're in a third party ... you don't get in the debates. The truth is, if I would have tried in the last several years to do exactly what I have done in a third party, I probably wouldn't have made it to your show." 

6. "If you ever come to the conclusion that the two parties aren't that different, then what is left?" -- Paul on America's unhealthy democracy

7. "We still need a lot of people talking about issues, as a matter of fact, we might even keep talking about the Federal Reserve system and things like that."   

8. "No clue, I'll keep plugging along." -- Paul on who he will vote for in this election