This Billboard Kills Hundreds of Zika Virus Mosquitoes in Brazil With "Sweat"

Look at this asshole mosquito...

Source: Mic/YouTube

Beyond the nuisance of an itchy mosquito bite, that little shit can also spread the West Nile and the Zika viruses.

Fortunately, a Brazilian ad agency has come up with a genius way of combating these disease-carrying pests aptly called the "Mosquito Killer Billboard."


So, how does this glorious masterwork of death work?

"Tell me more about murdering mosquitoes..."Source: Giphy

The "Mosquito Killer Billboard" lures mosquitoes with fluorescent lights and a mixture of lactic acid and carbon dioxide — mimicking the scent of our breath and sweat that enables mosquitoes to find us.

Source: Mic/YouTube

Mosquitoes lured into the contraption get trapped by the billboard's vacuum-like mechanism...

Source: Mic/YouTube

...and stay trapped in the display until they dehydrate and die.

Source: Mic/YouTube

The project and specifications for the technology is under Creative Commons — any city contending with the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes spreading the Zika virus can build their own mosquito killing billboard.

In other words, let's get building.