Passover's OK for Weed Smoking Because of Its "Healing" Scent, Says Extremely Chill Rabbi


When Passover starts Friday at sundown, feel free to light up! A high-ranking (and apparently super cool) rabbi says marijuana consumption during Passover is totally kusher kosher — but only if you actually need it for medical reasons.

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According to the Independent, Ashkenazi Jews typically categorize marijuana as a "kitniyot," a group of grains (like rice) and legumes (like lentils and peas) whose consumption during Passover is strictly verboten.


However, the Times of Israel reported Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of the leading ultra-Orthodox halachic authorities, recently gave his blessing for Jews of any background to eat or smoke marijuana during the eight-day holiday if it is medically necessary. 

Part of the reason for this leeway is the fragrance of marijuana, which Kanievsky and a second leading Orthodox authority, Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein, deemed as "healing," the Times of Israel reported.

For the record, healing scent or not: It seems that recreational marijuana consumption is still off-limits.

Now, watch these rabbis get a face full of hemp leaves. Chag Sameach!