16 People Raced Mind-Controlled Drones and the Result Was Magical


Who needs a remote control when you have a juicy noggin? 

This month at the University of Florida, 16 humans used their brains to send drones whirring down a basketball court, Phys.org reported. This was part of a 10-yard dash where the racers were drones and the fuel was human willpower. 

The pilots strapped on black, EEG headsets, which allowed them to power the drones using brain signals. The electrical activity corresponding to certain thoughts in their brains triggered specific movements from their drones. 

At face value, it looks like some serious X-Men shit. 


Pilots stare intently at their computers, mentally pushing the cubes on their screens. 


And then off the unmanned aerial vehicles whir! 


Into the future!


Our beautiful brains can send a drone zooming off into the distance. 

Watch the full video here: