Bernie Bros Demand to Know #WhatsInHillarysPurse — And Twitter Has Answers


Since Hillary Clinton named hot sauce as her number one, always-on-her-person accessory, people have been inordinately curious as to what she actually keeps in her bag. 

Does the Democratic frontrunner have the same condiment-carrying habits as Beyoncé? Or is there something more sinister lurking in her handbag? The anti-Clinton camp demands answers and, as such, has launched #WhatsInHillarysPurse on Twitter. The internet, composed of so many different thoughts and opinions, is speculating wildly.

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Some users called out a subset of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' supporters — most likely, the Bernie bros — for falling back on sexism as a means of needling the Democratic frontrunner. 

Guesses as to the bag's contents included money from the big banks of Wall Street, votes stolen from Sanders, the transcriptsthe relief money intended for Haiti, fracking, the entire Democratic Party and Katy Perry.

Some suggested her bag's contents might vary depending on what voter group was asking.

Others speculated that it might really be hot sauce — hot sauce for all occasions.

And still others guessed at more frightening contents.

Given the volume of criticism she faces from the Twitterati, it would make sense if Hillary's purse holds a daily affirmation:

Because it's looking increasingly like what she has in her bag is the Democratic nomination.