Michelle Obama DNC Speech: Michelle, I Love You, But Obamanomics Are Wrong for America


Editor's Note: This article is a response to PolicyMic’s editor Sam Meier story “Ann, I Love You, But Your Husband is Bringing Me Down.”

Listening to Michelle Obama speak at the DNC on Tuesday, my heart couldn’t help but fall in love with this smart, strong, articulate, elegant, no-nonsense and sophisticated first lady. Her speech was earnest, intimate, touching, powerful and masterfully delivered: just as everyone expected it would be. 

What it wasn't, though, was particularly enlightening as to why America should reelect President Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama, you’re right — the story of how you and Barack met and started dating (with the rusted out car from which you could actually see the pavement going by through a hole in the passenger side door; when Barack’s proudest possession was a coffee table “he’d found in a dumpster,” and whose only pair of decent shoes was half a size too small”) is compelling and romantic.

But, Michelle, I honestly don’t think love for dumpster coffee tables and rusted out cars necessarily qualify someone to be the President of the United States.  

And I can’t help noticing that while you praised all the personal qualities that supposedly make your husband understand and relate to those less fortunate, you don’t mention the economic policies that he’s put in place which directly affect and threaten their very same future.

When I look into my heart, what I see is fear of an Obama second term.  

Fear that your husband has helped the national debt reach the $16 trillion mark.

Fear that on Friday, one day after your husband accepts the Democratic nomination for reelection, yet another disappointing jobs report, will feel like a kick in the gut to the 20+ million Americans who are still out of work -- despite your husband’s $800 billion “stimulus.”

Fear that 1 in 2 college grads in America are still unemployed or underemployed, thus being unable to move out of their parents' homes (no, I won't cheap-plug Paul Ryan's "fading Obama posters" metaphor; though I should).

Fear that -- just like Mitt Romney -- your husband changes positions for political gain, such as when he went from being the president with one of the highest record of deportations to someone who suddenly cared about the “DREAMers” in order to pander to Latino voters.

Fear that the national media glosses over these and other issues with the deliberated intention to help reelect a president whose record has been spotted, at best.

I’m sorry, Michelle  – I’m just not in love with your husband’s economic policies. And, to be honest, your speech didn’t sell me on them. Maybe my fears are unfounded, but until it's clear that they are, I'm too anxious to care overly much about his good heart.

Lisewise, I'm sure you won't be shocked when I tell you that I'm probably not going to vote for someone whose position on economic issues I don't agree with just because you think he's kind and warm and loving and I should really get to know him.