Woman Catches Metro Creeper Taking Upskirt Photos, Forces Man to Eat the Evidence


This ballsy woman just schooled us all on how to take on sexual harassment.

Last Thursday, a woman in Nanjing, China caught a man on the metro attempting to take pictures underneath her skirt with a hidden camera inside his bag. 

According to Chinese newspaper People's Daily, she confronted the man, shaming him until he literally ingested a piece of the memory card to destroy all his photos, then posted the below video of the incident on the Chinese social network Weibo, with a caption encouraging women to stand up for themselves and not be afraid of harassers.

Although this pervert was reportedly detained by police after trying to flee the station, unfortunately incidents like this are not unique. In 2014, up-skirt smartphone footage of unsuspecting metro passengers in the District of Columbia started cropping up on various porn sites, often tagged "slut."

Even when the sneaky perpetrators are caught, the law doesn't always defend women. The same year as the District porn scandal, a female judge dismissed charges against a Virginia man who took pictures underneath commuters' skirts, claiming that women should have "no expectation of privacy" in public places. 

Instead of giving up all hope for common decency, like that ridiculous judge, let's follow the example of that badass Chinese woman and confront perverts on public transit whenever they think they deserve automatic access to women commuters' bodies.

h/t Mashable