Samantha Bee: Harriet Tubman Should Be on the Twenty, Jackson a "Genocidal Prick"


On the most recent edition of, Full Frontal, comedian Samantha Bee waded into the surprisingly contentious debate over whether to replace the United States' seventh president on the $20 bill with American abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

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Tubman, an escaped slave who helped so many others to freedom that she was known in her own lifetime as "Moses," has long been sought by activists looking to oust Jackson, whose most famous accomplishments included the forced relocation of Native Americans (known as the Trail of Tears) and destroying the country's Second National Bank. 

"When we make such a dramatic change to something no one ever looks at, we have to consider the fragile feelings of white men," said Bee, before pivoting. "Where on earth could I find a white man sharing his feelings?"


Bee turned to perennial liberal punching-bag Fox News and specifically Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade, who had mounted a defense of Jackson last week on his show. "Ousting a past president who has done so much in the founding of our country," Kilmeade admonished, would be an "unbelievable sign of disrespect."

Though Jackson did participate in the American revolution, he played no role in the founding events of the United States. "He was not a Founding Father," said Bee. "He was a genocidal prick who forced the relocation of nonwhites and fomented populist rebellion — kind of like a Trump with better hair."


Bee closed out the sketch with an exploration of other ideas like former presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson's suggestion that Tubman be placed on the $2 bill or even more radical ideas that a new bill be created for her like the $25 or $12 bill.

"Yeah, that would be something," said Bee. "Make the black person worth exactly 3/5 of the white person's value. Gee, why hasn't anybody ever thought of that before."

Here's the full video: