Obama vs Romney Women Vote: What DNC 2012 Gets Wrong About Winning Over Women


Someone on Twitter usually manages to summarize a whole lot into a few words. On Wednesday morning, a Tweet did just that: "Last night was the beginning of the 'Let's pretend the issues Americans face don't exist and talk about other stuff' convention."

The first night of the DNC had quite a lineup of speakers. They all proclaimed women's equal rights (forgetting we got equal rights some years before the convention, and that doing so involved both Republicans and Democrats), inclusiveness, and the importance of giving a woman the right to "choose," as if selecting fast food or buying a lottery ticket is the most important issue facing women this election season. Democratic women want more than they currently have, feel government owes them a little more, and will keep demanding more until they get "it," whatever that is. 

The way I see it, the real "more" that America needs applies to everyone, not just women, and this "more" was completely ignored last night.

We need a stronger, more vibrant economy to preserve and protect our place in the world, our children's future and our own ability to survive in retirement, whether we ar emale orfemale. We need to reduce the now $16 trillion national debt for the well-being of our country and our ability to compete economically. We need more jobs to improve the unemployment situation (currently 8.3% of the nation is unemployed) return people to work, and give them hope for their families and future.

The government is apparently the "only thing we all belong to," according to this video shown last night. It frightens me to think that government takes the place of God, of whom there was no mention last night. We are not one nation under government. Women and men lose many more choices under that kind of leadership.

Listening to the speeches last night, it seems that "all" can go to college under an Obama administration. Really? Maybe "all who are qualified and can pay for the costs." "All" would require significantly lowering standards that are arguably low anyway. Or maybe the government is going to take on that cost, too. 

We all, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, know that someone has to do the jobs that don't require a college education. We also know they should feel good about their hard work and accomplishments, rather than feel they have been denied something owed to them just because they were born in America.

What struck me most about this "equality" push at the DNC was that it denigrated those who work hard in jobs that don't require a college education, who should be proud of the fact that they are not helping to bankrupt the country. (Did I mention the theme of entitlement?)

Mrs. Obama gave a lovely speech. She convincingly told us what a wonderful husband and father Barack Obama apparently is. She talked about the "women's issues"of health care, the right to free contraception, and the right to choose, reinforcing the Democrats' focus on women from the waist down. 

She didn't say much about a woman's responsibility to be a part of the critical discussions about and solutions for the $16 trillion national debt, continued unemployment, and our low economic productivity. She also failed to mention the plethora of people not taking responsibility for themselves, and instead depending on the government. She failed to mention many peoples' dissatisfaction with her husband's administration.  

People wept, cheered and praised the "mom-in-chief," but at the end of the evening, the national problems still haven't been fixed. Women were encouraged to focus on themselves, not the nation

We don't need more selfishness. We need to work together to fix the problems, not highlight the wants and entitlements of a few. We need to focus on returning our country to the vibrancy we have seen before, and want very much to give to our children.