11 Tweets That Show What It’s Like to Be a Virgin in Your 20s


Everyone is born a virgin. Some can't get rid of the label fast enough, while others linger on through their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. 

Having sex for the first time can be messy business — both literally (if someone's on their period, for instance) and metaphorically. You can read books and articles like this and you'll probably still do it wrong.  

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Don't worry. If you like being a virgin, more power to you; and if not, take comfort in the knowledge that plenty of horrific people have sex and you'll probably get there as well. 

While you're still in the wilderness, here are some tweets from around the internet to motivate or inspire you to embrace yourself in your third decade and love whoever you are.

1. This guy, who won't let "popular belief" tear him down: 

2. Elena dropped some #TriggerWarningTruth: 

3. And HE discovered gravity:

4. This user says your grill is none of her business:  

5. Roxane Gay can always be counted on for a clapback:

6. This GIF says it all:

7. Jeezy is sick of your double standards:

8. Bark bark — no:

9. My Milk Steak (doesn't) bring the boys to the yard:

10. You're only as lame as you feel:

11. He certainly is: