The 8 Different Feelings You Have as a Virgin in Your 20s


Virginity may be a social construct, but that doesn't mean that the societal pressure to have sex (and then talk about it) isn't real. It can seem like everyone, from parents to television shows to magazines, assumes that all 20-somethings are treating their youth like a nonstop freakfest. 

So what does it really feel like to be a 20-something who has never had sex? Well, there's a range of emotions that non-sex-havers can feel when faced with a culture that expects sex ALL THE DAMN TIME.

Some people feel proud to rock their #VirginStatus:

Some people are straight-up frustrated by the sexpectations:

While some are just angry:

And some are getting ready for the long haul:

Sometimes not having sex in your 20s can feel isolating:

And the hormone struggle is real:

It can feel like there aren't many of you out there:

But there's plenty of support out there too: