PSA Tackles Breast Cancer Awareness and Freeing the Nipple in One Brilliant Video


The "no female nipples" policies of platforms like Facebook and Instagram can make it difficult for certain groups to convey important messages. 

Take the case of breast cancer awareness group Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de Mama

The Argentine organization wanted to make a video to teach women how to do breast self-exams — but they knew footage of a topless woman wouldn't fly

So MACMA found a way around the double standard by, well, embracing it. 

Thus was born #ManBoobs4Boobs.


In the video, a topless woman — her nipples obscured by Facebook and Instagram logos — demonstrates how to check for problematic lumps and other potential signs of cancer... on her co-star, a topless man.


The video makes sure to remind its male viewers that the steps are equally important for them

All in all, it's a clever marketing tactic bearing more than one important message. 

Check out the full PSA below: 

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