16 Tweets that Perfectly Sum Up the Reality of Periods


Everyone who has ever had a period has experienced strong feelings about it at some point, whether it's "oh crap" or "NOT YOU AGAIN, YOU RED DEVIL" or "phew." And some of those period-having people have shared their feelings about good ol' Aunt Flo on social media.

Here are some of the best tweets out there for anyone who's ever felt the pain/joy/curse/reality of getting their period.

1. Your eating schedule might get a little weird.

2. But suddenly your behavior over the past week makes a lot more sense.

3. If you're crying over the smallest thing, it might be #periodtime.

4. Sometimes, getting your period can make you a little ... grumpy.

4. And sometimes the red devil hits you hard at the most inconvenient time.

5. You may start reading into things a little more than necessary.

6. Or eating. A lot.

7. But at least you've got a once-a-month excuse to not do stuff.

8. Small slights can put you over the edge into full-on sobbing.

9. Seriously, even compliments can make you cry.

10. Your period can even ruin holidays.

11. And forget about the tragedy of getting your period during a special trip you've been planning.

12. Allergy season becomes just slightly more dangerous ... for your pants.

12. Your feelings about your period might be ... mixed.

13. But it's nice to have family support.

14. You can always try to pass it off to someone else.

15. Or try to figure out a workaround.

16. Because the struggle is definitely, definitely real.

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