DJ Mag’s 25th Anniversary Issue Doesn't Have a Single Woman on Its Cover

DJ Mag’s 25th Anniversary Issue that features only male celebrities

U.K.-based electronic music magazine DJ Mag is celebrating its 25th anniversary in May with a special issue highlighting 25 pioneers of dance music. Though the issue's cover features many groundbreaking musicians — including Daft Punk, Aphex Twin and many others — curiously, it would seem DJ Mag doesn't think any women have pioneered dance music.

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FWIW, DJ Mag editor Carl Loben was cognizant of the lack of women on the list, and acknowledged the imbalance by saying "The final list of 25 was the result of much debate in the office, and you may notice just from glancing at the cover that there are no women in the 25 — a fact we're all too aware of at DJ Mag. Is there anyone we should have included? And if so, in place of who?"

However, in a statement made to the Fader, the editors at DJ Mag seemingly doubled down, saying, "We concluded that, of the 25 [artists] we have chosen, none can be refuted and made a conscious decision to avoid tokenism."

But people weren't having it:

h/t The Fader