Ivan Coyote Just Penned the Best Open Letter to Street Harassers: "Just Leave Her Alone"


Listen up "dudes everywhere," because Ivan Coyote has a message for you: "just leave her alone." The author and spoken word artist, who uses they/them pronouns, posted an epic Facebook rant to their page earlier this month that is the perfect shut down to the cat-callers and street harassers of the world.

"She's not dressed up for you. She's on her way home from work after a long day of dealing with assholes that look a lot like you. She doesn't want to smile," Coyote wrote. 

Coyote also addresses the sad reality that sometimes, women respond politely to unsolicited male attention in public because "you could get mean and/or violent. She has been taught this lesson since she was a very little girl."

When a woman is sharing a public space with a man, that doesn't mean she's consented to being sexualized — something that Ivan Coyote nails: "She's in a dress because it's spring. She didn't pick this bus because you are on it, it's public transit. Leave her alone."

Coyote's post went totally viral, racking up more than 70,000 likes and 25,000 shares. Not only is it an important message for all "dudes," is also a great example of how to be a feminist ally to women. So take Coyote's advice and tell your friends.

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