Amy Schumer Perfectly Nails the Hypocrisy With Guns in This ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Sketch


Anybody who's been stuck at home on a weekday has probably skimmed through daytime TV to find a home shopping channel selling all sorts of random stuff. Amy Schumer played with that concept on this Inside Amy Schumer, nailing the hypocrisy over gun control in America. 

After she and her co-star had wrapped up selling Steve Irwin commemorative coins, the shopping show transitioned to a more exciting firesale: a simple, "meat and potatoes" handgun

With the sales skyrocketing, the duo decided to answer some callers who phoned in, with the first disappointed that he missed out on the Irwin coin, and can't get a gun because he has "several violent felonies." However, Schumer was quick to point out just how easy it is to buy one, and that he'd have no problem with them.  

The caller sounded pleased, explaining that he's buy one for himself and his "mouthy cunt wife," much to their surprise.  

A second caller, who labels himself as a "suspected terrorist on the no fly list," is similarly worried, but they assuage his concerns as well, before a "mass shooting alert" threatens to ruin their program. 

At the end of the bit, Schumer reminds the audience that their next haul will be selling Congressman and Senator's influence. You see, buying such politicians is even cheaper, she notes, as a rundown of the recipients of the most gun lobby money in Congress flashes on the screen (including Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and House Speak Paul Ryan), as her co-host accidentally shoots himself in the foot. 

The sketch, in typical Schumer fashion, is hilarious. But for the comedian, this issue is deathly serious.

Schumer has been very candid about her views on gun violence, most recently in her May 2016 cover story for Vanity Fair. In the profile, it's revealed that Schumer requires a bodyguard with her, following several death threats aimed at the comedian.

"Having received numerous death threats thanks to her public musings that the Second Amendment might not 100% require arming lunatics, Schumer had also acquired a bodyguard since I'd last seen her," Bruce Handy wrote. 

Moreover, she spoke out about gun violence after two women were killed by a gunman in a movie theater in Louisiana during a screening of her 2015 comedy, Trainwreck. In response, she made an emotional plea for stricter gun control laws alongside New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.  

While gun control laws aren't going to happen overnight, maintaining a conversation about it under the guise of comedy is an effective method for Schumer to shed light on the issue. 

You can check out the full skit here

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