Franchesca Ramsey of 'The Nightly Show' Takes Piers Morgan to Task for Beyoncé Thoughts


On Wednesday night's Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, writer Franchesca Ramsey took down "failed CNN host Piers Morgan" and his series of tweets Tuesday night regarding Beyoncé's emotional and political visual album Lemonade. Morgan had tweeted in defense of his Daily Mail column in which he wrote Beyoncé was "inflammatory" and played "the race card."

Ramsey was not buying it, finding Morgan's criticisms unwarranted and incorrect in the way they addressed Beyoncé's album. 

"You also have to realize that this album isn't about you, that's why Beyoncé featured an ultimate black girl squad including Serena Williams," Ramsey said. "If Lemonade was about you, Piers Morgan, it would've been called Metamucil."

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To Morgan complaints of Beyoncé's "politically/racially charged video," Ramsey said...

"Piers is mad because the music video for the song 'Freedom' includes the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown," Ramsey said. "It's a sad but powerful moment in a song about overcoming the odds and fighting for what's right. And apparently advocating for black lives gets Piers' knickers in a twist."

To Morgan's tweet that while he's always been against gun control, Beyoncé has "suddenly turned political," Ramsey said...

"First of all, music's always been political. Ever heard of Bob Marley or John Lennon or Bill Clinton playing sax at Arsenio. As far as I'm concerned, Beyoncé's music has always been political," she said, listing out how Beyoncé has done benefit concerts for Haiti, donated to Katrina victims and also bailed out Black Lives Matter activists.

To poor Morgan being confused if he's even allowed to listen to Lemonade because he's white, Ramsey said...

"Look, Piers, it's like if you tried to wear a pair of Apple bottom jeans," she said. "Sure, you could get them on, but without a big booty, they might not fit that well. It doesn't mean you can't wear them but you might have a hard time feeling totally comfortable because they weren't made for your comfort. So if you're cool with that, go ahead and get into formation, and if you're not then in the words of Beyoncé, 'Please, suck my balls.'"

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