Listen to Episode 1 of 'Special Relationship,' a Podcast From 'Mic' and The 'Economist'


Paris. San Bernardino. Ankara. Brussels.

Terrorist attacks and their aftermath have served as stark reminders that the next president of the United States will make decisions that affect the rest of the world. These attacks and other foreign policy debates have upended the 2016 presidential election more than once, with candidates on both sides of the aisle grappling with — or stoking — fears over global extremism here at home and abroad.

Special Relationship is a new podcast from Mic and the Economist exploring the global implications of the presidential election, examining the campaign through the lens of its effect on the rest of the world.

In our first episode, Mic senior political correspondent Celeste Katz and the Economist's U.S. editor John Prideaux discuss how terrorism and national security have shifted the terms of the debate at home and around the world. Mic politics editor Luke Brinker provides insight into how Donald Trump has been stoking fears in the Republican primary, and the Economist's Paris bureau chief Sophie Pedder describes how Parisians have reacted to the attacks in November in which scores of people were killed.

Listen here:

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