This Is the Wildest (and Fastest) ATM Robbery You'll Ever See


There are so many ways to rob an ATM, it's a wonder there isn't a DIY scene around cracking cash machines.

You can use special key combos to trick it into dispensing higher bills. You can send text messages with computer viruses. You can just throw it in the back of your car.

But if you want real finesse, take a look at this security camera footage of three surgically precise robbers who rapidly expose the inside security door, hook it to a car hitch, blow the door off and make away with trays of cash.


The biggest mystery of the video is this: Why did they leave the sledgehammer behind? Was is a fatal accident that could lead to their apprehension? They were wearing gloves, but can the hammer be traced back to them through the retailer? Did they leave it intentionally because they wouldn't want to be caught with a sledgehammer if they were detained later?

Watch the full video of the robbery below. It won't take you long.