Buddhist Monk Is Elaborately Mummified and Covered in Gold


An honor reserved for holy men in some regions with strong Buddhist traditions, the mummification and gold-leaf coating of the deceased is a fascinating, visually stunning practice. The mummification of Chinese monk, Fu Hou, who died in 2012, was completed on Thursday. The mummified monk will now be placed in the temple in which he spent most of his life. 

According to the Associated Press, the decision to mummify Fu Hou was made with respect to his longstanding dedication to the religion — he practiced Buddhism from the age of 17 until his death at the age of 94, primarily at the Chongfu Temple in Quanzhou. 

Following his death, Fu Hou was initially placed in a large pottery jar, in a seated position (some bodies don't remain intact, even after this). His body was intact and undamaged after the process, and was then "washed with alcohol and covered with layers of gauze, lacquer and finally gold leaf. It was also robed, and a local media report said a glass case had been ordered for the statue, which will be protected with an anti-theft device," according to the AP

For those who wish to visit the deceased Monk, Fu Hou's gold-wrapped figure will be at the Chongfu Temple. 

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h/t Associated Press Beijing