Smash Bros. Set to Improvised Jazz Drums Is as Impressive as It Is Awesome


The Nintendo soundscape just got a punch of jazz. 

The joystick technique in a Grand Finals Super Smash Bros Melee Match is overshadowed by the stick work of a jazz drummer in this YouTube video. Rather than the Fantasia-esque orchestrated anthem of the Fountain of Dreams, the Melee gets a soundtrack more like Whiplash or Birdman.

As @Armada_UGS and @L3ff3n toggle their controllers and gaze deeply into the match on screen, the musician plays along

The tempo syncs up with the moves of Peach and Fox McCloud — while two gamers smash, tilt, attack and barrel roll around the Melee universe, the drummer freestyles to match with them. 

It's a damn masterpiece.