Here's Why You Should Actually Be Eating the Ugly Fruit at the Supermarket


Don't be so shallow. Those misshapen, twisted fruits that you shove aside at the supermarket may actually be more nutritious than the prettier ones, according to NPR

Research suggests that organic produce undergoes more stress, which can range from too much light to pest infections, and may cause produce to create more protective antioxidants as a defense mechanism. 


Apple leaves covered in scabs had up to 20% more of those good-for-you phenolic compounds than scabless apples, NPR reported.

Grapes exposed to high levels of ultraviolet light or that battled fungus also produced more resveratrol, which is thought to help protect the body from damage that could lead to increased risk for heart disease and cancer.


When consumed, these antioxidants can help our own body repair itself faster, according to NPR. 

But the tales of survival by these fruits and vegetables aren't the only factor affecting their antioxidant levels. Genetic variety, soil and fertilizer also play a role, NPR reported.