Florida Republican Said Hillary Clinton Will "Go Down Like Monica Lewinsky"


Hillary Clinton's political opponents are willing to use some pretty vile rhetoric to attack her. But somehow it just got even worse.

Earlier this week, the GOP Executive Committee Chairman of Broward County, Florida, Bob Sutton, raised the bar on egregious comments when discussing Clinton's chances in a general election against Trump.  

"I think when Donald Trump debates Hillary Clinton, she's going to go down like Monica Lewinsky," Sutton said, according to the Washington Post.

Um, excuse us?

Sutton's comments come in the midst of what the Post calls "a contentious debate about gender politics and sexism" set off, in part, by Trump's recent claim that Clinton was playing the "woman card."

The secretary of the Broward County Republican Party, Kristin Matheny, told the Sun Sentinel that "as a woman, as a Republican, it's not what I would have said. ... I don't endorse it in any way."

Matheny said that Sutton "absolutely" needs to apologize, the Sentinel reported, but did not say whether she would ask for his resignation. "My head's kind of spinning right now."

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