DNC Platform 2012: Pro Israel Amendment Could Spark New Culture War For Dems


Today, controversy erupted at the Democratic National Convention when the chairman and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa moved to restore pro-Israel language including "God" and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

It took three attempts to get a two-thirds assent in order to change the official Democratic Party platform and partially restore support for Israel. The return to a pro-Israel party platform was in response to Republican criticism on Tuesday.

However, it is unclear whether the delegates at the DNC established the two-thirds assent needed to restore the platform. Watch the video below.

Obviously, the Democrats reverted back to their pro-Israel platform in order to appeal to the important Jewish swing vote in this hotly contested election. The Republican's have benefited greatly form Sheldon Adelson's millions in large part due to their pro-Israel stance. However, by changing the party platform Democrats may have offended an "underrepresented" voter demographic. Fortunately for the Democrats, Muslims know they will not likely find a sympathetic ear in the Republican Party, so it should not have a significant impact on the Muslim vote. In addition, this event is testing the flexibility of Democratic multiculturalist values. One wonders if multiculturalism is losing its critical mass due to a crowded competition of conflicting ideologies.

In this divisive and sensitive political climate, comments made by Americans with similar values are de facto representing political interests even when the comments are not made by party leaders. The slightest public comments have reignited several cultural wars. 

The "War on Women" flared up when Sandra Fluke (among DNC speakers in 2012) was attacked by Rush Limbaugh for her stance on government sponsored birth control. The "War on Gays" reared its ugly head when the private fast-food company CEO Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A recently advocated against gay marriage.

If a conservative radio commentator and a privately owned fast-food company president can bring shame and disgrace on the establishment Republican party, how will Muslim America respond to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the divided Democratic delegation's controversial statement at their own nationally televised convention for their presidential nominee?