Zac Efron's 'Baywatch' Wipe Out Is the Confidence Booster We All Need


To star in the 1989 TV series Baywatch, actors needed to be tan, toned, impossibly attractive and, most importantly, able to run on the beach with the poise of someone not on their way to save a drowning person. (The slow motion can help with the latter.)

When producers announced Zac Efron would join the likes of Dwayne Johnson and veteran Pamela Anderson in the 2017 reboot, fans knew he was a winning choice

But even though the 28-year-old actor has all of the other godlike qualities of a Baywatch star, Efron reminded us he's still a mere mortal when he took a tumble during a recent shoot:

Efron let us in on what exactly was going on in his head just moments before his epic face-plant. In his Instagram post he wrote:

*think cool thoughts*

Efron was a good sport about the fall, tweeting out one of the hilarious memes his Baywatch moment inspired:

And that was just the tip of the iceberg:


Stars, they're just like us.